Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of research initiatives are currently being conducted by the GCP.Network?

The current research priority of the GCP.Network relates to the development of the chapter on Mental and Behavioural Disorders for the next version of WHO’s International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (Eleventh Revision; ICD-11). To this end, the WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is conducting a program of systematic global field studies that test, and aim to maximize, the clinical utility and global applicability of the proposed ICD-11 diagnostic guidelines for mental and behavioural disorders. The participation of GCP.Network members is essential to the successful implementation of this research initiative. GCP.Network members have the relevant clinical experience to provide meaningful and substantive feedback to WHO related to the utility of the proposed ICD-11 guidelines. WHO’s 194 member nations use the ICD as a framework for the collection and reporting of health information. When published, the ICD-11 will be used by diverse stakeholders for a multitude of important clinical, scientific, public health and policy purposes that will affect mental health care worldwide. As such, the role of GCPN members in evaluating and enhancing the proposed ICD-11 guidelines is crucial.

For more information on this research initiative, please refer to ICD-11 Studies.

How can I contribute to ICD-11 development?

Currently, the most productive and helpful way in which you can contribute to ICD-11 development is by registering to be a member of GCP.Network. All mental health or primary care professional qualified to practice in their countries are eligible to join the GCP.Network. As a member, you may be eligible to participate in global internet-based field studies of the proposed ICD-11 diagnostic guidelines, in which you will be asked to apply your own clinical experience and expertise, and provide the WHO with structured feedback regarding the accuracy, utility, applicability and acceptability of the proposed ICD-11 guidelines for mental and behavioural disorders. To contribute to ICD-11 development, please register here.

Because this is a clinical practice network, registration is limited to individuals who are qualified to provide clinical care. If you are interested in mental health issues but not a clinician, we recommend that you visit the World Health Organization website or the Mental Health Innovation Network.

Why is GCP.Network website material not available in all 9 registration languages?

WHO is committed to providing GCP.Network website material in as many languages as possible. GCP.Network registration is currently available in 9 language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish) and all field studies to date have been conducted in at least 3 languages, and up to 6, including Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. As the initiative grows and gains support, GCP.Network website material will be provided in as many languages as possible, given translation capacity. 

How can I receive updates on the ICD-11 development process?

To receive updates and news related to the ICD-11 development process, you may visit the GCP.Network website on an ongoing basis. If you qualify, you may also register for the GCP.Network in order to gain access to more comprehensive information about the ICD-11 (e.g., early access to study findings, publications, reports).

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