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19 марта 2018

Postdoctoral Fellowships and PhD studentship available in Global Mental Health research in China

The Global and Community Mental Health Research Group at the University of Macau (www.um-gmh.com) is currently recruiting one postdoctoral fellow and one PhD student to join their multidisciplinary research team.

15 января 2018

Gaming Disorder a newly recognized mental health condition

Who believes that playing video games can become a mental health disorder? Yes, the World Health Organization, that's WHO will in 2018.

19 декабря 2017

WHO Launches Global Dementia Observatory

The Global Dementia Observatory, a web-based platform launched today, will track progress on the provision of services for people with dementia and for those who care for them, both within countries and globally.

7 декабря 2017

A team of clinical scientists delve into the complexities of three systems used for understanding mental-health disorders

Diagnosing mental-health issues may seem straightforward: Patients discuss their symptoms and a clinician matches those symptoms to a disorder and devises an appropriate treatment. In reality, this view belies the complexity inherent in understanding, classifying, and diagnosing psychiatric phenomena.

23 ноября 2017

Partners In Health Liberia Mental Health Program

The latest case study by Mental Health Innovation Network describes mental health care at a facility and community level and aims to reduce stigma in southeast Liberia.

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